Some Very Shady Advice
  • Some Very Shady Advice
    Director John Kaldeway had some very shady advice on how to best capture a little New Orleans style for the "Friends In Concert" Choir and the "Anchor Band"
  • More Shady Friends
    First you set the correct ambiance, and then you sing "When The Saints Come Marching In"
  • Robby Was Ready
    Rob was ready for *ANY THING* the "Friends In Concert" might throw at the "Anchor Inspiration Band" especially with Terrence backing him up.
  • The Anchor Inspiration Band
    "Anchor Inspiration Band quickly found themselves turning into "Friends In Concert" members themselves, ... as it became clear that they were all "Friends in the Lord"
  • Friends to th left of me
    Who cares what our director is doing. He can wave that batton all he wants. We are joining the band.
  • Yes We Sure Had Some Fun
    When you find new friends you just can't stop smiling.
  • Friends In Concert Performing
    The goal of the 100 voice choir is to spread the good news of salvation through song, and the choir does so with enthusiasm and spirit. The members know that they do not sing for their own glory, but that the glory only belongs to their faithful Saviour, Jesus Christ.
  • Jason's Solo
    As his very first solo debute Jason sang, "How Great Thou Art"
  • Friends In Concert 009
  • Friends In Concert 010
  • Rob & Terrence
    Whose turn is it to count?
  • Friends In Concert 012
  • Friends In Concert 013
  • Rob Is Ready To Play
    This better be good I didn't bring these 'Super Maracas' here just for the show
  • Friends In Concert 015
  • Friends In Concert 017
    This concert held in Ancaster Ontario and combined the God given talents of people with both greater and lesser degrees of ability. It was held as a benefit concert for the Anchor Canadian Reformed Association for the Handicapped expansion fund .

Some Very Shady Advice