A Jack of Many Trades
Customers often have precious stones they want refitted into a different piece of jewellery. Jack makes sketches of the new design. A wax replica is then cut and shaped to perfection, then surrounded by gypsum, which is heated until hardened and the wax replica inside is melted. The gold is then poured into this mold and the stones set into place.
One of Jack's stunning creations
Within arms length, Jack has both a high-frequency and a steam cleaner, an oxygen/acetylene torch, carving tools, picks, tweezers and burrs for setting. All the tools for his trade.

Coffin building was a result of his being a member of the Houston Memorial Society - an organization that will help you plan your own inexpensive funeral. Members help provide an alternative to the costly funeral home expenses and will help to organize everything for you and your family.

Besides all that work, Jack looks after his cattle, his home in the country and works with Ken Jaarsma in the Youth Diversion Program. Youth that have been caught doing illegal activity can have a one-shot chance to mend their ways through penance of physical labour, apologies and a lecture to their peers.

Jack at his workbench
Jack is also a Director on an independent school board in Smithers, writes church-related articles and is a co-op administrator for a website of Christian Literature called spindleworks.com. Then there is the stained glass part of the story!