Dod and Rabbit
By Connie E VanAmerogen


Jesus, My Anchor!


Whether life’s seas

are calm or stormy,

Jesus, my Anchor,

is always there for me!

If I always

put my faith and trust,

in my Heavenly Father above,

He will guide with His Love!

No matter what happens;

I have no need to fear,

Jesus, my Anchor, is always there!





I’m thankful to God

because He died for me!

Now He lives again,

Never more to die;

He is my Saviour on High!

I’m thankful that God

Is there when I fall.

Through Grace Alone,

Because of His love;

He is there when I call!

I’m thankful to God

for all of His gifts to me!

He knows my daily needs;

Freely He will give!

Friends and family very dear;

Capable hands He sends for my care!

I’m thankful to God

for the Promises He gives!

Though undeserving;

If I obey Him,

If I seek to do His Will;

Forever with my Saviour I’ll live!


Connie E. Van Amerongen.