Y2K (With a boot from Joel 2.0)

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(With a boot from Joel 2.0)


At the horizon with the next millennium

a cloud of locusts, digits clawing,

maxilla gnawing,

is threatening to devour

the ecumenical power

of electronic universal medium.


The feared Locusta Cpudemisia,

its common name a cryptic 'Y2K',

next century's first day

will threaten cybernation,

may crunch communication,

replacing memory with blank amnesia.


Technopriests are uttering imprecations,

chanting line by line from their tautology.

Dire eschatology

their diviners' dream.

Apocalypse the theme

of their warning of a time of tribulation.


Will records of acquaintance be forgot

as Auld Lang Syne falls silent in a night

of terrifying fright?

Will power interruptions

cause pestilent eruptions

as nine-eleven comes to double nought?


Will hieroglyphs in black magnetic bars,

decode a crisis of identity,

producing mass insanity?

Will assets disappear

and poverty loom near,

while technobabblers gabble from afar?


Church and chapel quaver a capella?

Breathless, pipe and flute stand mute?

The needy destitute

with deacon funds depleted?

The house of God unheeded

as gremlins preach their hell-fired cabala?


The Y2K millennium bug strikes fear;

a spectre never seen in days of old.

A bombing run so bold,

defenders' faces pale

as all deterrents fail

to halt its aerial swift sword from coming near.


The Church cannot rewrite the chain reaction

that breeds the assault in cipher space

on every database.

Her only implement

a God-tuned instrument,

her trumpet, sounding Zion's sure protection.


Above the battle with a breached technology,

Zion's clarion call soars high and pure.

Her people will endure

the rage of Y2K.

For also in that day

they will be writing "Anno Domini".

J J Kuntz

First published in "CHRISTIAN RENEWAL"
A Magazine of Reformed Faith and Vision
September 21, 1998