English-Language Psalters and How to Obtain Them

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The Scottish Psalter
  • published in 1929 by Oxford University Press
  • available at some university libraries (including UF) or used bookstores
  • free midi files from the Blue Banner web pages (follow the "catalog" link)
Book of Praise $18.90 Psalter Hymnal $15.30
The Book of Psalms for Singing $16.00
Trinity Psalter (no musical score) $ 8.00 The Complete Book of Psalms for Singing $20.00

Book of Psalms for Singing PSALMS-001 Crown & Covenant Publications $22.95 For our family, we have found no better way to store God's word in our hearts than by singing it.The Book of Psalms includes all 150 psalms in their entirety, translated from the original language. Many of the tunes are well known for you to learn.

Book of Psalms Translated for Singing PSALMS-002 Crown & Covenant Publications $7.95 This psalter contains only the words of the psalms in The Book of Psalms for Singing. Every verse of every psalm is included but without music notation. A suggested tune is offered for each psalm or fit the words to one of your favourite melodies.

Braille Psalter PSALMS-003 Crown & Covenant Publications $117.00 Although this 4-volume Braille edition of The Book of Psalms has no Braille music notation included, it has all the words contained in the print edition. We especially encourage psalm singing churches to keep a Braille Psalter for blind visitors.

Large Print Edition PSALMS-004 Crown & Covenant Publications $29.95 This book is easier for young children to read and excellent for those who are visually impaired. It contains 350 selections from The Book of Psalms for Singing.

Precentor's Edition PSALMS-005 Crown & Covenant Publications $23.95 This psalter, identical in content to The Book of Psalms for Singing, has a hard plastic cover and 3 metal rings. It lays flat and allows easy turning of individual pages. This book is great for musicians or those leading singing.

Psalm Supplement PSALMS-006 Crown & Covenant Publications $4.50 This book includes 23 psalms, differing in tune and arrangement from The Book of Psalms for Singing. Some are familiar, and others are exciting new compositions. Published by the Reformed Presbyterian Synod of 1988.