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Historical Information & Documentation Center Of The Niagara Canadian Reformrd Churches

Keeping History Alive

by Lydia Schulenberg

When we speak of early church history, our thoughts go to events that happened in the early years, such as the Reformation, the Doleantie, the Liberation, etc. We have learned about these former events because various people, who lived at that time, recorded these events and passed on this information to others. But what is happening to local church history here in Canada? What happened in earlier days? What was it like to have no transportation, worship on Sundays in old buildings or even homes? Who was the organist then and did they even have an organ?

The four churches - Attercliffe, Lincoln, Rockway and Smithville - in the Niagara region of southern Ontario were faced with these questions. In 1994, the local councils commissioned a committee to preserve all historical data for future generations and to store all important documents, photos and other interesting memorabilia in a safe place.

Our first official function as Historical Committee was a luncheon with all the original members who were involved at the 1952 institution of the Canadian Reformed Church of Smithville. At recent congregational meetings in the churches (from the one church of Smithville, we now have four) we presented a video presentation of our work and had on display early church directories, songbooks and early minute books.

Our next goal is to publish all this information in a book, so that we can preserve church history for the next generation. We have collected personal family profiles from most of the members who lived in the area during the early years of the church.

We appeal to you for any information, suggestions, or comments that may be of interest to the Historical Society.

Please contact,

Lydia Schulenberg

Andrea Feenstra