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To seek the honour of our Lord Jesus Christ and the reconciliation of His Church gathering Gospel by furthering understanding and unity among Reformed Christians, "spread and dispersed throughout the entire world, joined and united in one Spirit by the power of faith, a people chosen to everlasting life" (BCF art.27 and HC LD 21).


To make available on SpindleWorks: Editorials, Essays, Commentary, Features, Study and Library Resources, Music, Art and Linked References which the editor deems to be in furtherance of these founding statements and of concern and interest to Reformed Christians everywhere, their churches, families, schools, communities and common heritage.


The Holy and Divine Word of God as confessed in the Three Forms of Reformed Unity: The Heidelberg Catechism, The Canons of Dort and the Belgic Confession of Faith.


SpindleWorks will generally but not exclusively make available materials in the following broad categories:

  • Reprints from periodicals, books and brochures
  • Contributions by guest writers
  • Reformed Sermons
  • Music, Poetry and other Literary Contributions
  • Links to other appropriate resources and sites of interest and relevance

Making Your Acquaintance:

SpindleWorks is produced and maintained by:

Riese Heemskerk, who is a member of the Canadian Reformed Church at Lincoln, Ontario.Having started "SpindleWorks" in early 1997, he takes full editorial responsibility for its content, but acknowledges with thankfulness the invaluable help and advice that continues to be generously provided by so many different people.


Riese Heemskerk

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