Four Sermons on the "Prodigal Son" - Rev. J. L. van Popta

| Preface | 1: The Prodigal Son Leaves | 2: The Son Returns | 3: The Elder Son | 4: The Father Receives Sons Home |


These four sermons were the result of a many hours of study. Many of the ideas and images can be traced to other sources. I would like to acknowledge the use of Helmut Thielicke, The Waiting Father: The Parables of Jesus, Henri J.M. Nouwen, The Return of the Prodigal: A Story of Homecoming, and Kenneth E. Bailey, Poet and Peasant & Through Peasant Eyes, A Literary-Cultural Approach to the Parables in Luke. As well, the October 1998 issue of "Christianity Today," which featured various studies on this parable, was helpful in many ways. It is not easy in sermon writing to footnote sources, so in this way I acknowledge my indebtedness.

I hope and pray and trust that these sermons will open a window to this parable and reveal the wonders of the Father’s grace in Christ. May there be a homecoming for every reader of this parable.

J. L. van Popta
Thanksgiving Day 2000