The Tale Of Willy Wag Tail

Willy Wag TailThe Willy Wag Tail is a small bird with black and white colours. It's a very fast bird and it needs to be, too! It belongs to the family of the fly catchers. So it catches all sorts of insects. Therefore it is forever darting to and fro, looking in all directions for its next prey. It is for that reason that it wags its tail continuously back and forth, as it forever changes directions. If you see it on a fence post or on the ground it is wagging its tail constantly.

Therefore the name Willy Wag Tail. 






The Fly Catcher

A quick witted little Willy Wag Tail
Was sitting on the timber fence rail
Planning to tease the noisy Magpie
Who suddenly flies away with a loud cry.

This little bird flies with great speeds
To be able to take care of its needs.
The Creator enabled him to fly so fast
Otherwise he certainly will not last.

When it does not use its black and white wings
It quietly sits on the ground and sings.
Yet always nervously looking around
for insects in the sky or on the ground.

Sometimes it has a free ride on a horse's back
Of fun and amusement absolutely no lack.
Next moment it jumps on the head of a sheep
Who is not even roused from his sleep.

It is not very fussy about it's food supplies.
It eats mosquitoes and all sorts of flies.
If God cares for flowers, and this little bird,
Why should we then sometimes be so disturbed?

Leo Schoof

Atlas RocketFrom a teacher in Ontario Canada

"Here's a poem I use with gr. 6-7 kids. With a bit of preliminary discussion about what you might see or hear at a rocket launching pad, and in a field of grass in spring, I then say: Here's what one poet thought of when she compared these two things"








Fueled by a million man-made wings of fire
the rocket tore a tunnel through the sky
and everybody cheered.
Fueled only by a thought from God
the seedling urged its way through the
thicknesses of black
and as it pierced the heavy ceiling of the soil
and launched itself up into outer space
no one even clapped.

Tomato Seedling

by Marcie Hans

"I've never had a class yet that didn't see which was the greater miracle."