An Introduction:
After my father died two years ago at the age of 82. I made a poem for my mother. She is now 85 and finds it very difficult to cope with the loneliness. She needs, therefore, much support and comfort. Of course, I realise that human comfort is limited, and that only the comfort of Lord's Day 1 is truly unique. But we can only try and therefore I made this poem for her.


God said, it is enough, my son.
The battle has at last been won.
You may for ever live with me,
From sin and endless anguish free.

For him no more pain and sorrow.
He will rise eternally on the morrow.
Satan can no longer his schemes employ.
Now for him only everlasting joy.

This life was often awful cacophony
But in heaven there is perfect harmony.
Now redeemed by His amazing grace
He will continually behold His face.

No more doubting, waiting and pride.
Now forever in God's pavilion he'll hide.
Under the shadow of God's mighty wing
He will now always to His Redeemer sing.

Now he may with his Saviour hide
And forever in His presence abide.
Perfect joy and music unending.
Many mysteries finally comprehending.

Leo Schoof       March 1997