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    An Introduction

"Albany is about four hours drive for me, and when my wife is not travelling with me because of commitments with the children, or grand-children, then I pass the time with singing Psalms or Hymns at the top of my voice. Occasionally I manage to put together a poem."

"The drive to Albany is a very pleasant drive, for me at least. I enjoy the wonderful countryside with green undulating hills during the wet season, and dry, and brown paddocks during the hot summer weather."

"Some people, unfortunately, do not see all this beauty of God's wonderful creation, and for them this trip is a most boring trip. They endeavour to get to their destination in the shortest possible time..

"They miss out on so much.. "

"During one of these trips I made the following poem which can actually be
sung on the tune of Psalm 139":

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LambLying LambLambLying Lamb


As I observe so many sheep
I ask that God will also keep
His children in His loving arms
Like all those sheep on lonely farms.
He is our God and great Preserver.
Let us now serve Him with great fervour.

God knows what His own children need.
They are His own, His Covenant seed.
Let us now follow in His ways
And serve Him now and all the days.
May we now be a thankful nation
And show our great appreciation.

Leo Schoof

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Koala Bear

    "During another one of these trips I made the following poem"

LambLying LambLambLying Lamb


As I was travelling along the highway
I saw a wonderful and colourful array
Of many new born lambs in the meadows
Running along with mud larks and crows.

What a pity there was no time to stay
And watch all these lambs happily play.
Even twin lambs without a care.
Yet struggling for their mother's milk share.

Some, who were white all over,
Were learning to eat grass and clover.
Others, involved in various races,
Had black feet as well as black faces.

Does not this peace and calm
Remind you of the 65th Psalm?
Of God, Who amongst anguish and pain
Still gives abundant sunshine and rain?

Leo Schoof

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Koala Bear