A Bushel Absurd

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A Bushel Absurd


Brewed out of time, this nursery rhyme,

On a planet suspended from a fishing line.

Dunkin’ Doughnuts, honey glazed psalms,

Hymns, from nicotine stained, and choking lungs.

A ship of fools, saved by grace,

Dressed in ribbons and spun with lace.


Make way a road through this fast wilderness,

Through the neon, the video arcades, and satellites.

The space cadets, the astronauts, and the drunken transvestites.

Tears suspended, frozen in space, icicles;

Of brothers and sisters, lost in the race,

Seems all this is marvelous, everything is so nice,

Covered in syrup, marinated with anise.


While children are dying at home by the tube,

Cathode rays slowly twisting their minds, vision renewed.

As greying elders meet to reminisce the old times,

Drink coffee, eat cake, hand out dollars, nickels and dimes,

Let’s play church, we’ll build some walls,

Construct a pulpit with well lit halls.


A wonderful organ high over the pew,

Proper seating for the chosen few.


What was that?

Come let us all drink from the cup of His mercy,

Continuously refreshed, but always remaining thirsty.

Keep us, I pray,

From going astray,

From lifting the shadows of all that is absurd,

And thus diminishing the truth in the light of Your Word.