Bernie The Mailbox Basher

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Bernie The Mailbox Basher

Bernie the maibox basher is cruising down the road,

He's flying ninety miles an hour with his brain on overload.

No one see's him coming, and no one ever see's him go,

But he's left his impression, and another empty in the snow.

You might not understand him,

But he's just like you and me,

His heart just won't let him go.

Bernie that mailbox basher he's the fastest in the land;

Driving a hundred miles an hour with a bottle in one hand.

He's waving at the girls, and he's hiding from the law,

He knows more tricks, than anyone ever saw.

He's racing the devil, but he don't really care,

He's got a ticket to the promised land somewhere.

But in his heart he just can't let it go.

Covenant child, covenant child, almost a covenant man,

How long can we keep on spinning with our wheels in the sand.

I'm tired of looking for answers inside a Budweiser can,

Flying one hundred ten miles an hour, to some fabled fairyland.

Prophets without answers, and priests without a lamb,

Kings only with a bottle in our hand.

You might think I'm crazy, but I'm really just like you,

Pray God's heart will have mercy on our souls.