The Bottle Maker


an introduction :

How difficult it must be without the confidence of Christian faith, when parents are suddenly given handicapped, or sick, and suffering children. This poem begins with some bitter overtones, but ends in the only real joy there is. The sovereignty of the Triune God.

The Bottle Maker

Bottle fell from the rack today.

No refund , no return

No delay. Crooked label

Broken seal, leaky lid..

Thank the Lord for what He did.

Holding the bottle, this gift of grace;

Dripping new wine, and liquid peace.

Translucent confusion, bitter tears.

Bottle of sadness? Sing songs of gladness!

Thank the Lord, the fountain of kindness.

Spun too fast, the potter’s wheel?

A moments distraction?

One finger’s in-action?

The bottle distorted is still our perfect reflection:

Thank the Lord for this vessel of blessing.

Before the beginning, was the Word .

The Great I Am still is.

Bottle’s careful Maker. Re-Creator.

A gift no less intrinsically made,

This bottle of living water.

Seek the Lord, beyond our perception.

Praise the Lord, greater than Imagination;

Sing of His grace, beyond all compassion.

Trust in His wisdom, greater than comprehension.

Bless the Lord, our bottle maker.