The Sound of Distant Thunder


An Introduction :

The true Church as a visible witness of the truth of God's Word in this fallen world, is a concept that many continue to ridicule.

If we believe that God created the stars with the breath of His mouth. The faith that is required to believe that He also could preserve a Church true to His Word till the last day, is comparatively small indeed.

Ps 33:6 By the word of the LORD were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth.


The Sound of Distant Thunder

Hopelessly addicted, constantly afflicted,

Demon devoured, helplessly on the threshing room floor.

Tormented with madness, crying beyond sadness,

Vulgarly cursing, the day she was born.

A victory cry rises from the Abyss.

Ten thousand times twelve thousand hooves,

Chaldeons and Sabeans, ready for war.

“Let all that is now be silent!”

The leviathan, swings from a hook.

“Return to your chamber torrential downpour,

Or I’ll add to the plagues written in this book”

A voice of rushing waters rattles the threshing room door.

“Come here my love, come to me now!”

The trumpets are sounding, the blood of the martyrs roar.

The bowls of His wrath are welling

“It is for you my love, I effect my calling.”

Ten thousand times twenty four thousand impatient hooves,

Thunder, as the Crowned Rider breaks yet another door.

“Rise! Here is your armour, here is your sword.”

“Since before became, I’ve had them in store,

While the morning stars sang,

And all the angels shouted for joy.”

Scarred hands now lift her to the light,

Unable to resist, too impoverished to fight.

Scarred hands touches her head, and her eyes.

The earth luminates with visible sighs,

Lightning rakes the heavens, shredding the darkened skies,

Scarred hands, stained with tears of time,

Spattered with blood, touch her ears, cleanses her mind.

The stars cry out with wondrous song,

For the Father , through the Son, by the Spirit,

All three in one.

The mountains clap their hands,

For her, they where formed.

For her, every grain of sand.

At the sound of the seventh thunder,

Scarred hands lifts his bloodied sword,

“Truth as I am, that I am”.

“The surety, the entity of my Father’s word”.

“Now this is my bride in honour arrayed ,

Bought with my blood forever paid”.

“Let every creature great and small,

Now become worthy of their call”.

“To God be all glory, honour and praise,

Who through His Son, His Church did raise.”