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A Summary of Prof. Douma's well known book

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS: Manual for the Christian Life

Rev. William DeJong
Original Publishers Information.
The First Comandment
The Second Comandment
The Third Comandment
The Fourth Comandment The Fifth Comandment The Sixth Comandment
The Seventh Comandment
The Eighth Comandment
The Nineth Comandment
The Tenth Comandment
Please note: The Appendix: "The Use of Scripture In Ethics", and also "the Fifth Comandment" have been summarised by Rev. R.E. Pot

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About the book The Ten commandments : Manual for the Christian Life

Originally published in Dutch, in three volumes, as De Tien Geboden:
Handreiking voor het Christelijk leven, by Uitgeverij Van den Berg,
Kampen, 1992

English translation ) 1996 by Nelson D. Kloosterman

Published by P&R Publishing Company,
P.O. Box 817, Phillipsburg, New Jersey 08865-0817,
in cooperation with The John Calvin Foundation,
5734 191A Street, Surrey, BC, Canada V3S 7M8

Co-published in Canada by Inheritance Publications, Box 154, Neerlandia,

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data)

Douma, Jochem, 193 1
[Tien geboden. English]

The Ten Commandments : Manual for the Christian Life 1 J. Douma,
translated by Nelson D. Kloosterman.
p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

ISBN 0-87552-237-8
1. Ten Commandments-Criticism, interpretation, etc. 2. Christian
ethics-Reformed (Reformed Church) authors. 3. Reformed Church

Doctrines. 1. Title
BV4655.D6513 1996
251.5'2--dc20 96-34326