Reaching Out



This poem is a little strange I admit.:-)

It is about a frog. A puffed up intellectual "Christian" frog,

who is completely enamoured with his own personal introspection,

and his own spiritual conceit till a child suddenly brings him back to reality.

Since the frog has it backwards, the poem is writen backwards as well.

Reaching Out

It was a large wave that made him stumble,

Warming the very fibre of his being.

Then rising in rivers it spit him quietly to the shore.

No ! Not the shore, I don’t like it any more.

The sun glowed so warm,

The soft wind so comfortably numb,

The trees with leaves both dead and young ,

Reached out for their new found lost one.

"Can't you feel? Try moving your arms,

Don’t you speak?"

The frog stares, and sees eternity.

A million miles and deep into the earth.

But speak he could not; or, he would not,

Be silent, and rest in peace.

Staring back at the reflected water,

He sees only clouds deep in space.

Blinking, returning from his reflection,

A child throws a stone in his direction.